Hugh Casey (hughcasey) wrote,
Hugh Casey

Jobs to be had...

 The following was in an email to me from alexjay, who is a union rep for the IRS.  My assumption is that he wanted this spread around...

Starting tomorrow (though in truth it has already started), the largest hiring initiative in the history of the IRS will start.

Most of the jobs will be Contact Representatives, Revenue Agents, and Revenue Officers.

Contact Reps make a base salary of $32,769 to $58,441 a year in the Philly area and $34,582 to $61,675 in the New York City-Newark area. My fiancee is one and makes $34, 954 a year (plus a 10% night differential for the 60 hours after 6 p.m. she works each week); I am one and make $50, 948 yearly (plus a 10% night differential for the 56 hours after 6 p,m, I work every week). This isn't due to gender discrimination (especially after my union helped get the Lily Ledbetter Pay Discrimination Act passed this year, but rather because I've been one for ten-plus years and she's only been one for less than a year. The nice thing is the regular move-ups; she'll be making $37,744 (plus night differential) starting in August, and will make roughly forty-thousand-something (again leaving out the night diff) starting the August afterward, and so on and so forth.

Revenue Officers make from $49, 651 to $111,309 in Philly and $52,398 to $117,469 in NYC.

Revenue Agents make pretty much the same, but their top end is $153,200 in both Philly and NYC.

So you know which one I'm hoping YOU guys can get.

Prior experience and degrees count toward your getting it at a higher grade, so you guys should do better than most.

There are also a lot of things opening up in IT and other areas such as Legal.

Please go to and start working on your resumes (the site allows you to store a customized resume which you can tweak for whatever jobs you put in for).

You (well, three of you; one is just a go-between) are all criminally underemployed--and are precisely the sort of intelligent, conscientious people I personally would WANT working for my government.

Yr. obdt. servant,


OK, me again.  I know a LOT of you are... *ahem*... currently underemployed, and this may be an opportunity for you.  Good luck.
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